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Prius Falls on Catalytic Converter Thief

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Law enforcement was called to a home just before 6 PM on December 8, 2021. Our Greensboro attorney was advised that upon arrival, they found a man that was killed after a Toyota Prius fell on top of him.

Our attorneys in Greensboro were advised that there was evidence showing the man was attempting to steal a catalytic converter. According to our criminal attorneys in Greensboro it appeared the car fell on him while he was cutting the exhaust pipe.

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The man who was killed is yet to be identified. Right now is a difficult time for a lot of people. Our larceny lawyer is seeing an influx of theft cases and our criminal lawyers in Greensboro are saddened to hear this story…no one deserves that. May it be a warning to those who are thinking of similar activities. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this man and his family during this time.