Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJCs) and Traffic Court

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Prayer for Judgment Continued are controversial these days.  Formally the “go-to” traffic remedy, their protection has been severally limited by the legislature and the insurance companies in recent years.  In fact, there are times when a PJC does not apply to your case (such as if you have a commercial license), or when it may actually come back to hurt your insurance at a later date.  Below are some benefits and rules.  As always, please contact the attorneys at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth to accurately, and truthfully answer all of your traffic related questions.

There are two reasons why PJCs are very beneficial to traffic court defendants. FIRST – a PJC generally does not count as a conviction for driver’s license purposes. Thus, a PJC on a DWLR charge (or any other moving violation), generally will not result in revocation (or further revocation) of a driver’s license. SECOND – a PJC generally will not cause your insurance to increase. There are some limits on PJCs:

  • A PJC can only include court costs (no fines).
  • No PJC for DWIs; Speeding 25 mph over posted limit; or Passing Stopped School Bus.
  • Insurance – You are permitted one (1) PJC every three (3) years per insurance policy (the whole family). If you get two (2), then both convictions come to “life” and your insurance rates can be raised for three (3) years from the date of the first PJC. NCGS 58-36-75(F).