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PPP Loan Shopping Spree Leads to Indictment

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Greensboro Attorney

A North Carolina woman has been indicted for lying to the federal government in order to receive a $150,000 CARES Act loan. The main point of contention is that the company she received the loan for was no longer operating according to a Greensboro attorney.

She was indicted for charges of wire fraud in relation to a disaster benefit and fraud in reference to emergency benefits. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro has received word that she operated an online clothing business in 2019. She submitted the PPP loan application in July 2020 though her clothing business was shutdown prior to that.

The indictment says the federal government’s investigation found that she made purchases at Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, IKEA, Louis Vuitton and Best Buy using the loan money. She’s facing a possible 30 years in prison for each felony federal indictment. She’s also facing a possible fine which can be up $1.25 million.

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