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Police Shooting Results in Death per Attorney

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It all started unusually enough, a man had started a fire to a car outside of the Greensboro Police Department main office downtown. An attorney in Greensboro was advised that initially an officer confronted the man and they were assaulted. Our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the officer was hospitalized as a result of the assault on a government official. It very well could be an assault inflicting serious injury on a government official or assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, but we will just have to wait and see what charges come about.

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Our Greensboro attorney was then advised that further officers came out of the station to confront the man. The Greensboro Police Department is yet to say exactly what happened but the man in the parking lot ended up being shot and killed.

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Our Greensboro personal injury attorney is yet to hear an update on the status of the officer who is currently in the hospital.

Our family lawyer in Greensboro sends up their thoughts and prayers for the family of the man who lost his life as well as for the officer who was injured. Stay safe Greensboro!