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Police ID Shooting Victim per Greensboro Attorney

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Greensboro attorney

Law enforcement has ID’d the victim of a recent shooting. Sadly, the person was meditating at a Bhuddist Temple over the weekend.

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Apparently, he was praying and during the initial investigation police say they thought he died of a stabbing per a Greensboro personal injury attorney.

Upon further investigation the projectile was fired from outside of the temple and traveled through the wall into the temple per a Greensboro attorney. Police are saying that he was an unintended victim of the shooting, but the shooting was not random. Police later canvassed the scene and found two handgun bullet casings in the parking lot. The autopsy revealed the bullet was in side of the chest of the man who was killed.

In High Point North Carolina, shootings up are 7% since March and the beginning of the coronavirus. But homicides in High Point are down with only two recorded this year compared to 10 at this point last year. The High Point Police Department has recovered 230 guns from those who should not have possessed them according to our Firearm by Felon Attorney.

Police are currently requesting assistance in this investigation.

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyers will continue to keep you informed of any and all developments.

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