How Much Is a Personal Injury Case Worth

Personal Injury Case Basics

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A personal injury lawyer is someone who specializes in representing clients who have suffered personal injuries.

“Injury which is caused accidently by another’s failure to apply reasonable care” is the legal definition of personal injury. That’s why it’s our responsibility to figure out whether or not your accident was the result of carelessness on someone else’s part and, if it was, how much money you should receive in damages.

You were harmed in a car accident which wasn’t your fault. What do you stand to recoup?

This is a common call we receive after an accident which has left someone hurt. Every situation is unique, but there is a general answer I’d like to share. In most cases, the at-fault party’s liability insurer will pay your medical fees, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Here, I’ll break down each component of damages in more detail.

Costs of Medical Care

Before October 1, 2011, the liability insurance carrier would pay for 100% of your accident-related medical expenses. On October 1, 2011, as part of a Tort Reform Package, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation requiring the liability insurance company to only compensate you for medical costs that were really paid and/or owing. For instance, if your health insurance covered some of the cost but only at a discounted rate, the liability insurer would only have to pay the difference. To put it simply, you pay a higher premium because you have health insurance. Liability insurers are obligated to cover the entire cost if you do not have health insurance.

The liability insurer is obligated to compensate you for lost wages if you are not able to work due to an accident. When determining whether or not to reimburse you for lost pay, the liability insurance provider will not take into account any time off for illness or vacation. When reimbursing you for missing pay, the liability insurance company will typically want concrete paperwork and certification from an employer.

Damages a plaintiff can recover in a personal injury case

Discomfort and Suffering

When you’ve been in a serious accident, your life is obviously altered, whether it’s because you need ongoing medical treatment or because you can’t do the things you formerly enjoyed without experiencing agony. Your liability insurer must take this into account when determining the value of your claim. Pain and suffering, unlike medical expenses and lost wages, can be difficult to measure, and this is often a point of contention between the injured party and the liability insurer.

After taking into account all of the aforementioned losses, a liability insurance provider will likely make a lump sum settlement offer, with payment contingent on your signing a full release of all claims against the insurer. In exchange for signing a release, you give up any further claims against the liability insurer.

It bears repeating that the foregoing explanation is limited to the most fundamental aspects of damages in a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit. Potential lost wages, permanent disability, and disfigurement are additional components of damages that may be considered in serious injury cases.

In the event that you were injured in an accident, you should probably call a lawyer. When dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, it usually doesn’t cost anything to get in touch with a law firm and have an initial consultation.

Where does a lawyer for personal injuries come in?

Our duty is to establish that the defendant’s conduct was the legal cause of the plaintiff’s harm. Here are four ways we may assist you if you or a loved one has just incurred an injury.

Acquiring Compensation for Losses

Your entire life, and maybe your ability to make a living, can be impacted by a single injury. To ensure you receive just compensation for your injuries, consult one of our personal injury lawyers. Typically, the following factors are present:

  • The Cost of Medical Care
  • Damage to property
  • Psychological anguish
  • Bodily injury
  • The Cost of Healthcare
  • Payouts lost
  • Lost future earnings
  • The Expenses Incurred in Obtaining Legal Representation
  • Negative effects of being alone (if a loved one died)

The items on this list may come as a surprise to you. Our Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers are well-versed with the nuances of the law and can help you win a case even if you don’t.

Consulting a personal injury lawyer to help your case

We maintain objectivity in tragic times

If you’ve had a tragic accident or, even worse, lost a loved one to death, you’re probably thinking about a lot of different things and feeling a lot of different emotions all at the same time. Our firm is here to make a difference in such cases. In helping you get through this difficult moment, we will handle the legal process with the objectivity required. We’ll take care of everything legal so you can concentrate on getting well and moving on with your life.

We have decades of legal experience

The average individual may find it quite challenging to navigate the realm of legalese due to the abundance of confusing language used throughout. In addition to our familiarity with the industry jargon, we also have the resources and connections necessary to cut through the “red tape” that insurance companies and hospitals use to limit your access to information or hide the real degree of your damage. Since we’ve been doing this for almost 60 years, we have all the knowledge and expertise we need, to have your matter resolved as soon as possible.

We’re by your side at every turn.

Our Law Firm will be at your side until the very end, despite the fact that most such cases are settled outside of court before trial. We have extensive experience and insight into Virginia law, guaranteeing you complete compensation and all available legal options. If necessary, we are prepared to go to court or advocate on your behalf in a legal setting. We’ll have a team of detectives working with us from the start to get a full picture of your case. Your settlement will be delivered promptly, and we guarantee it.

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