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Person Charged with Kidnapping in Parking Deck

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At 19, there’s a lot going on in your world. There’s a feeling of invincibility and more of a focus on what’s in front of you and not a whole lot of looking ahead. A 19-year-old was charged with kidnapping at a local parking deck according to a Greensboro attorney.

Just before 1 AM, a woman in her 20’s was walking to her vehicle. A masked man approached her and put a knife to her throat. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was advised that he blindfolded her and bound her hands with a rope. Shortly thereafter, the woman managed to escape and call 911.

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Police were able to track down the suspect and he was arrested with the knife.

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The person charged and the woman he attacked didn’t know each other. Our top rated lawyer feels that this is an extremely strange situation. Most acts that are this brazen aren’t random, and rarely does this sort of thing ever happen. Our lawyers in Greensboro are here for you and your family when you need us most. Contact us if you’ve received criminal charges.

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