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Parkland Placed on Lockdown per Attorney

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Parkland High School was placed on lockdown after a student disturbance of sorts. Our attorney in Greensboro was advised that there was an initial disturbance in a main hallway that the School Resource Officers responded to. During this investigation a fight or simple affray broke out in another part of the school.

Our top rated attorney in Greensboro was advised that backup police officers were called to the scene as they investigated what transpired. Our top rated personal injury lawyer was told that no injuries were reported as a result of these incidents.

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No weapons were found in the school and law enforcement is remaining fairly quiet about exactly what happened.

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During a time where everyone is on edge with reference to incidents at school our Greensboro attorney is happy to report that this disturbance was nothing more than a disturbance. As parents we understand just how unnerving it can be to have your child at a school and receive a report of a lockdown.

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Our Greensboro attorneys send out our thoughts and prayers for all of our teachers, parents, and children at local high schools. Stay safe!