Our Lawyer in Greensboro reports on Great Rescue Story

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Our lawyer hears a lot of stories concerning all sorts of things. Recently, a car accident led to a car catching on fire. As the car remained enflamed, fortunately, a passerby saved the day.

The mother was standing outside the burins car yelling out for her baby. A woman kicked open the back door to get the mother out. A man ran to the car and slashed the airbags open. The baby somehow found itself wedged between the seats. The man found her as he searched the car and got her out to safety.

Within 30 seconds the entire car was in flames. Our Greensboro lawyer has been advised that without his heroics this situation would have been a tragedy to the utmost. At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, our attorney is here for you.