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Our Greensboro Lawyer receives word of Deadly Car Accident

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Our Greensboro lawyer has received word that an entire community is mourning after an alleged drunk driver hit another car. The car accident was with a grandfather and his two granddaughters. Both children sadly, lost their lives as a result of the car accident.

The grandfather was driving the girls home from school when the other car ran a red light. The man who caused the car accident has been charged with driving on a suspended license and has been arrested at least 6 times. According to our DWI lawyer he has been charged with DWI and murder.

Our lawyer has seen a lot of sad cases through the years, but this one really is tough. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the grandfather and his entire family. Cars are great. They can get us from point a to point b, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Our Greensboro Lawyer hopes this Veteran’s Day that you and your family travel safely.

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