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Officer Not Charged per Greensboro Attorney

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In what was and will always be an incredibly sad situation, our Greensboro attorney has been advised that a grand jury did not indict an officer in the shooting of a man at a local funeral. It all started when an off-duty detective was at a local funeral. Our top rated lawyer was informed during the funeral or just thereafter, someone did a drive-by shooting on the church.

The detective returned fire according to eyewitness reports. Sadly, he shot and killed a young man who was at the funeral during this incident. The Guilford County District Attorney‘s Office presented their case to the Grand Jury to make the determination if there was probable cause to sustain or continue with charging the officer in Superior Court. The Grand Jury was presented with two bills of indictment. One for Voluntary Manslaughter and one for Felony Assault with a Deadly weapon Inflicting Serious Injury.

Our criminal lawyer in Greensboro was advised that after presentment of the evidence in the case, the Grand Jury returned two no true bills of indictment for what they allege was insufficient evidence to continue with felony criminal charges against the detective. The family of the man who was killed as a result of this incident will continue to pursue a civil remedy after the Grand Jury’s decision. Our Greensboro wrongful death lawyer will continue to keep you updated on the status of this case.