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Officer Killed after Car Accident per Attorney

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It all started with a car accident according to local reports. Police located an abandoned vehicle that had run into a guardrail. Not long after locating this car, they received a call that a man had tried to steal a woman’s vehicle near a local Sonic.

Our Greensboro attorney was advised that police then proceeded to the Sonic parking lot.

Upon arrival they located a man matching the description of the suspect they were given from the call center.

When the officers approached, the man pulled a gun and opened fire on them.

Both were shot and one of the officers was killed in the shooting. A Greensboro lawyer at our law firm said more information is forthcoming on this police officer.

The other officer suffered non-life-threatening personal injuries according to a personal injury lawyer. Two more officers arrived on scene as the suspect apparently tried to steal an SUV. A gunfight ensued according to a criminal lawyer and the suspect was shot and killed.

The SBI is involved in the investigation and the thoughts and prayers of our lawyers in Greensboro go out to the law enforcement officer who lost his life and his family.