Nursing Home Abuse Can Lead To Wrongful Death

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Wrongful Death Lawyer

When it comes to nursing home abuse leading to wrongful death, you may be wondering about cases that have previously happened and how they can be used to help you in today’s world if your family suffers a wrongful death at the hands of a nursing home employee.

Before we go any further, it is important that you understand that you must work with a wrongful death lawyer such because they will know what is best for your family and whether you actually have a case.

Nursing home abuse can lead to wrongful death of staff members abuse and injure patients, they found a breakout present on residence violence; they misdiagnosed or do not treat medical conditions; they make medical errors when it comes to the medication given, to make dosage errors when it comes to medication given, or they neglect the residence healthcare needs overall.

In 2017, 12 nursing home residents died from being exposed to heat after a hurricane destroyed a facility’s air conditioning system, and the hospital was only 100 yards away. This led to nursing home employees being charged with manslaughter and wrongful death, because they could have easily gotten those patients to the hospital to treat their heat exposure. 

Not all wrongful deaths and negligence is not noticeable though. But you might be wondering what a nursing home abuse lawsuit or a wrongful death claim can do for you, because you will have lost a family member. Filing this claim is going to allow you to receive financial compensation to pay for the medical and funeral expenses of your loved one, furthermore filing discharge is going to encourage the nursing home to change so the other residents stays safe and do not die needlessly, and it is to hold the nursing home financially responsible for the death they caused.

Often speaking, a senior next of kin is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit against long-term care facilities and even the larger companies that owned the long-term care facility. Other loved ones can also take legal action in the event of wrongful death. Sometimes, you should speak to a wrongful death lawyer about whether you can take action or not.

The immediate family of the decedent, such as spouses, biological children, adopted children, are allowed to file wrongful death lawsuits in every single state, however in some states the following can file but not in other states, and this is:

  • Financial dependents
  • Life partners
  • Punitive and common-law spouses

Extended families may file such as siblings, cousins and other relatives, but only in some states, so you need to speak to a wrongful death lawyer to find out if this is applicable in your state. Some states even allow you to file if you have suffered financially, again you need to speak to a wrongful death lawyer to see if this applies to you.