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What are the new expunction laws Greensboro Criminal Attorneys are celebrating?

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What are the new expunction laws Greensboro Criminal Attorneys are celebrating?  Laws that allow every dismissal and every not guilty to be dismissed, and most non-violent convictions!

Greensboro criminal attorneys celebrates expunction laws that actually help clients!  Changes to the expunction laws are always good news, but are also rare news. The North Carolina legislature has little incentive to create new ways to help individuals charges or convicted of a criminal act. Recent changes ease some of the burdens, however, and are cause to celebrate.

Greensboro criminal attorneys have two new ways that their clients can seek relief. First, rather than waiting 15 years to expunge convictions from non-violent felonies, the waiting period is now reduced to 10 years (5 years for nonviolent misdemeanors). These time periods are from the date of conviction, not the date of the completion of the sentence and penalties. This substantial difference is important, as it allows people to clear their record within a time period relevant to building their careers and supporting their families.

The second cause for celebration comes as quite a surprise, allowing an expunction to be granted for any dismissed case despite any previous expunctions. So the old rule regarding “one expunction in a lifetime” is now moot.

One disappointing, and concerning, addition to these newly enacted statutes is that the formally confidential expunction files for convictions are now available to the prosecutors to use to calculate higher criminal penalties if the individual is convicted of a subsequent offense. Greensboro criminal defense attorneys must be aware, and must advise clients not to fail to disclose these prior expunctions.

Expunctions are vital for individuals who wish to be judged for the person they are, not the mistake they may have made in the past. If you have prior record of any sort, contact the Greensboro criminal attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson. We can assist you with your expunction decisions and answer any questions you may have.