Myths in Greensboro Personal Injury Cases

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Common Greensboro Personal Injury Myths

Do not be taken in by the common myth that personal injury attorneys hurt the victims of personal injury accidents by holding out for unreasonable settlements.  This myth is commonly perpetrated by those who have much to lose when Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyers hold the at-fault parties accountable for the damages caused in personal injury accidents.

The idea that personal injury lawyers are only out to make money is something that has been blazoned by those who have a vested interest in discrediting this profession.  Only the most heinous personal injury case abuses are reported and spread so that all personal injury attorneys are viewed as being money-hungry and only out to get unfair compensation.

The simple fact is that this myth is not true.  In fact, most personal injury attorneys settle cases quickly for reasonable amounts.  They work hard to protect the rights of the victims and to get them fair compensation denied to them by the at-fault parties and their representatives.

How did the public perception become so skewed when it comes to personal injury lawyers?  Chances are this is not an accident.  The insurance companies and defense lawyers who represent the at-fault parties in personal injury accidents have a good reason to want victims to stay away from personal injury lawyers.  They know that if they can keep the victims away from these attorneys, most victims will not know that the settlements they are offered are far less than what they should be receiving.  This saves the insurance company money and allows it to quickly satisfy claims by victims without having to engage in an expensive and protracted legal fight.

The victims rarely realize they have been duped.  In fact, many personal injury accident victims will brag about how they settled their cases alone without the help of a personal injury accident attorney!  Unfortunately, the propaganda spread by the at-fault parties’ representatives is very effective.

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