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Marijuana Trafficker Released after 40 years

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After serving 31-years in prison of of a 90-year prison sentence, a 71 year old man left prison. A Greensboro attorney at our law firm was advised that he is believed to have been the longest-serving non-violent marijuana prisoner.

He was sentenced to 90 years for marijuana trafficking at the age of 40. While he was incarcerated, his parents, wife, and his 23-year-old son died. Just this week, it was a momentous occasion as he had the opportunity to meet his granddaughters for the first time per a family law attorney.

Our Greensboro lawyer sends his well wishes out to him and his family as they’re able to move forward with a new look toward the future. Contact a criminal lawyer today if you need help with a drug trafficking or a firearm by felon case. We’re here to help!