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Manager to Kardashian Family Killed per Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Guilford County NC

A business manager of the stars, including the Kardashian family and Nicki Minaj, was sadly murdered two days before Christmas. She was reported missing on December 23, 2021, according to a criminal defense attorney in Guilford County NC.

Law enforcement found her body inside of her car dead. It was evident that she had been murdered by the way the body was situated according to attorneys in Guilford County NC. Their investigation revealed that her boyfriend was the primary suspect.

Law enforcement charged him with the murder of Angela Kukaski. She was only 55-years-old and had worked with a lot of the A-listers in Hollywood. She was taken home far too soon and our thoughts and prayers go out for her family, her co-workers, and those she worked with and represented.

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