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Man Uses Counterfeit Money to Buy Tesla per Lawyer

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It all started with one man listing his Tesla for sale. He received quite a bit of interest as they are some of the fastest most exciting cars on the road. One of the best lawyers in Greensboro was advised that he purchased the car from a man in High Point, NC, using counterfeit money.

Our criminal lawyer in Greensboro was told he then drove off. Guilford County deputies were tracking the vehicle until it disappeared and got away.

Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro reports that law enforcement saw the Tesla again and began pursuit at extremely high rates of speed. The man pulled onto US 29 and then stopped the car and took off running. He jumped off the ramp and suffered minor personal injuries according to a personal injury lawyer in Greensboro.

The man was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, obtaining property by false pretenses, uttering a forged instrument, possession of counterfeit currency and resist, delay and obstructing a law enforcement officer. Our top rated criminal lawyer was told that he was placed under a bond of $105,000.