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Man Steals Truck Drags Owner per Attorney

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There’s been a lot of people going through cars and trucks and looking for items. But our Greensboro attorney reports that there hasn’t been as many people stealing cars and trucks. Recently a man is alleged to have forced his way into a home and then stealing the keys to a truck.

Our car accident attorney in Greensboro was advised the homeowner tried to stop him and was dragged as a result. He was seriously injury according to a top rated personal injury attorney and the man crashed the truck and then ran away.

Law enforcement was able to gather enough information to develop probable cause to arrest a man and charge him with felony breaking and entering along with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Our first appearance attorney was told that the man received a $75,000 bond.

Our attorney in Greensboro prays for a speedy recovery for the homeowner who was injured in the car accident. Stay safe Greensboro!