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Greensboro Felony Lawyers deal with Man Shooting New Brother-in-Law in Both Legs

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There’s nothing like your wedding day. For most, it’s a day you won’t forget for all of the right reasons. But for a North Carolina man, his wedding was unlike anything you’ve ever seen for all the wrong reasons. And this wedding day ladies and gentlemen, started out with an issue over a dog. That’s right…a dog.

The brother-in-law brought his dog to the wedding and the groom advised him that he couldn’t bring his dog. It would have been great if this entire situation has stopped right there, but unfortunately, it only continued from there, which is why our Greensboro Felony Lawyers have begun to look into the case.

To add insult to injury after banning the brother-in-law from the wedding, the groom then proceeded to call the brother-in-law to inquire as to why he didn’t write, “just married” on the truck as he had agreed to do. The brother-in-law’s response was not something we’ll write in text however, he was none too happy with this conversation.

So the groom then decides to pay his brother-in-law a visit in order to deal with this situation in person. The brother-in-law hit the groom over the head with a pistol and then shot both of his legs. He is now charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury and was given a $1000 bond. Our Greensboro Felony Attorneys were shocked to see such an incredibly low bond on a fairly high profile North Carolina case.

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