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Man Involved in Shootout with the Police Sentenced per Felony Lawyer

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Felony Lawyer Greensboro NC

Turning back the clock to April of 2020, a Greensboro man barricaded himself inside of his home. Our felony lawyer Greensboro NC was advised that law enforcement was called to the scene in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Our criminal defense lawyers were advised that at some point the man opened fire on the police. He was armed with two shotguns, a semi-auto rifle and wearing a ballistic vest.

Eventually he man surrendered to the police. Law enforcement recovered four boxes of ammo, 36 spent rounds meaning they were discharged at the police. He was charged with assault by pointing a gun, assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon on a government official along with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Unfortunately for him, the federal government decided to adopt his case and charge him federally with knowingly possessing with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession of firearm in further of a drug offense, possessing firearm after a previous felony conviction, and possession of body armor after having been convicted of a crime of violence.

Our felony lawyers in Greensboro NC were told that the man was sentenced to 46 years in prison this week in the Middle District of North Carolina. He was also order to serve a term of supervised release, meaning he will have probation on the backend of his felony sentence.

Felony Attorney Greensboro NC

At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, our law firm does it’s very best to be aware of the ebbs and flows of the court system. What we can tell you, without question, is firearm and violence from firearms are now being handled at the highest levels and those cases are being punished severely. Not that shooting at the police is not a serious offense, however, five years ago this case most likely would have remained on the state side and been prosecuted accordingly. His felony charges would have carried nowhere near the sentence as what he received on the federal side of things.

Our felony lawyers in Greensboro, North Carolina, work hard to help our clients not only with their cases, but also with their lives. Our lawyers in Greensboro are here for you and your family when you need us most, contact our law firm today. We’re here to help.