Mail Theft Rings on Rise per Greensboro Lawyer

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Greensboro Lawyer

We’re living in a crazy time. Pandemic, political upheaval, etc. But with all of this going on there appears to be an increase in mail thefts. There are a number of groups who are driving around Guilford County looking for outgoing mail.

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A Greensboro lawyer at our law firm has been advised that they’re searching for checks to pay bills.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer is aware that these rings then use a check washing scheme to be able to rewrite the checks to be passed to someone else. Local law enforcement has caught a number of these mail theft groups but they advise that every time they catch one another appears.

Another group is stealing mail with the hope of procuring gift cards from businesses. These groups are aware that quarterly taxes are being paid now and are hoping to acquire some of these larger checks.

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A Greensboro family law attorney advises that some family businesses have been devastated as they’ve found out that their quarterly tax payment never processed.

Law enforcement is reporting that these crimes are happening daily. Police are recommending online payments and banking, but if we can’t keep our own mailboxes safe, what is the world coming to?

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