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Lawyers in Greensboro receive update on Overturned Murder Conviction

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Our lawyers in Greensboro NC, received an update concerning a recent murder case. After trial, the father and daughter received 20-25 years in prison each as a result of a 2nd degree murder conviction. They appealed this decision, and our lawyer in Greensboro found out that they’ll be receiving a new trial.

The district attorney’s office who prosecuted the case has decided to appeal the decision to the North Carolina Supreme Court. The NC Court of Appeals ruled that they were deprived of the ability to present a meaningful defense during their 2017 trial.

The father and daughter claimed self-defense throughout the trial. The factual background according to our attorneys in Greensboro were that the father found his daughter being choked by her husband and he the attacked him with a baseball bat. The husband was killed as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

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