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Lawyers in Greensboro NC give update on Tree Falling Case

In Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

Our lawyers in Greensboro NC have a rather sad update this morning after a man had suffered personal injuries as a result of a tree falling. At 6:11 a neighbor called 911 and reported the injury.

A branch had broken off a tree and hit the man in the back of the head. According to our attorneys in Greensboro NC, the man was yelling just after it happened. The man ended up passing out which is when they called 911.

The man currently has blood on his brain, a couple of broken ribs and no feeling in his hand and leg. According to our lawyers in Greensboro, the man has a long recovery ahead of him and will probably have to learn to talk again. Our Greensboro lawyer is here to help you and your family when yo need us most, contact us today!