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Lawyers in Greensboro look into recent Hit & Run on Police Officer

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According to our lawyers in Greensboro, a police officer was taken to the hospital after being hit by a stolen SUV yesterday afternoon. About 4 PM a Mercedes SUV was stolen from the parking lot of PTI Airport.

Police were investigating and believed they had tracked the vehicle down to the triad. Two undercover officers drove through the area and saw the SUV with someone inside of it. Our lawyers in Greensboro received word that one of the officers walked toward the vehicle and that’s when the vehicle sped toward him. There was a car accident with the law enforcement vehicle and one of the officers opened fire on the SUV. The SUV got away and law enforcement later recovered the abandoned vehicle.

Our lawyers in Greensboro found out that the officer had been hit in the hand by the vehicle and suffered a personal injury. The officer has since been released from the hospital and they are still continuing to search for the driver of the vehicle.

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