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Lawyers in Greensboro: 3 Shootings in 3 Hours

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Monday night into Tuesday morning was an awful stretch for our city as there were 3 people shot in just 3 hours. Our lawyers Greensboro NC provide an update on the shootings, what happened and where we go from here.

11 PM – West Meadowview Road Shooting

Just after 11 PM, police were called to the scene of a shooting on West Meadowview Rd. Upon arrival they found one person suffering from a gunshot wound according to a criminal lawyer in Greensboro. They were able to transport the person who was shot to a local hospital where they are currently in stable condition. Our shooting lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that no motive or suspect information has been released, and it’s yet to be determined if the person who was shot is cooperating with the investigation.

12:30 AM – Yanceyville Street Shooting

A little over an hour separated shooting number one from shooting number two. This shooting was after midnight and they were called to the scene of Yanceyville Street. Our criminal defense lawyer Greensboro NC was advised this person had serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital. Again no suspect information or motive for the shooting has been released. Law enforcement is continuing to follow-up on leads in this case according to an attorney in Greensboro.

2 AM – Rayston Drive Shooting

Just before 2 AM, another shooting occurred on Rayston Drive. Our criminal lawyer Greensboro NC was advised that this man had been shot multiple times. He was rushed to a local hospital, but all updates are quiet as to his status. Our lawyers Greensboro NC were advised that this investigation is fresh and law enforcement is quiet as to whether these shootings are related in any way.

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