Lawyer in Greensboro addresses Recent Fight at Sam’s Club

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

It would appear that as time goes by with the coronavirus lurking around our cities, people may become a bit more stressed and aggressive. Our lawyer received a report that after 5:30 PM, officers were dispatched to Sam’s Club because of a fight happening in the store.

Upon arrival, our attorney was advised, that it all started when a man in a motorized shopping cart rammed into another families cart. They slapped the man’s hand as a result of this because they had a child in their cart. The man in the car then backed away. A man and woman from the group continued to follow him at which point in time he grabbed a wine bottle. According to our lawyer in Greensboro, the man with the woman grabbed a wine bottle as well and then they began swinging the bottles at each other. The bottles broke and they continued to fight amongst the broken glass.

Bystanders got involved and assisted with separating the parties. Police are debating on the charges to take out according to our Greensboro lawyer. Both men were taken to the hospital for non life-threatening personal injuries.

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