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Lawyer finds out that missing Atlanta student has been found

In Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

Our lawyer has received word that Alexis Crawford, a student at Atlanta University, has been found. After being missing for more than a week, one of the suspects in the case led police to her body.

The suspects are her boyfriend and her roommate. Her last text messages were with her sister when she told her she didn’t have plans for the weekend at 8:44 PM. Our lawyer found out that her roommate said she saw her around midnight but the door was deadbolted and said Alexis was not present the next morning.

Crawford’s cell phone, ID and debit card were all missing from the apartment. Sadly, investigators located her body and now are working to make the determination of what led to her wrongful death. Our attorney has seen similar situations in the past and there’s no question that foul play was involved.

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