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Larceny Attorney updates Recent Car Thefts

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Larceny Attorney

The Greensboro Police Department has continued to provide updates on vehicle-related larcenies in and around our city. Our larceny attorney has been advised that current residents are being told that they need to either ‘lock it or lose it.’

The police department is saying that if your car is left out just realize that it’s a target for a would be thief. Our criminal lawyer has been told that there have been 1902 reports of larceny from a motor vehicle in Greensboro NC this year. This is compared to the number of reports from the same period last year which was 2,414 reported larcenies. The five year average of larceny from a motor vehicle cases is 1,579 which is currently up roughly 20%.

The thing about it is that there isn’t a part of the city that’s immune or protected from these acts. Break-ins can happen anywhere and at anytime. Often groups drive around looking for cars that are sitting in driveways or the street, they check to see if it’s unlocked, and if it is, they take everything they can. Our criminal attorneys continue to monitor this situation.

Police advise not only to lock your car but also to remove all valuables from your vehicle. Thieves are looking for the opportunity to find something valuable both quick and easy. Remember to lock you car. From all of our lawyers in Greensboro NC, we hope you and your family are staying safe and doing well.