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Kwik Stop Robbed – Store Owner Shot and in ICU after Armed Robbery

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The owner of a convenience store in Greensboro was shot on Friday night during an Armed Robbery. Two suspects entered the Greensboro Store around 8:40 PM with masks covering their faces. They ordered the clerk to give them access while one of the suspects held the clerk at gun point. The store owner, who was watching the entire Robbery unfold on surveillance video, came downstairs to confront the Armed Robbers. He told the Robbers to cease the Armed Robbery and leave, at which point he was shot. As the men were leaving the Armed Robbery, a customer was pulling in and identified the vehicle as a burgundy sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus. Police are looking for three suspects in this Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon case and Local Police Departments for Guilford County, Greensboro and High Point as well as the North Carolina Highway Patrol are investigating.

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