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Kroger Shooting Update by Attorney in Greensboro

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Attorney in Greensboro

It’s sad that you have to worry about your kids going to school and that you even have to worry about something as routine as shopping for grocers now-a-days. Our attorney in Greensboro is saddened to report that a person opened fire a Kroger grocery store and shot 13 people. Our personal injury attorney in Greensboro is hopeful that most will recover, but sadly, one person, a person with a family, has died as a result of this heinous act.

A family is left reeling and without answers as the shooter took their own life prior to being able to be questioned about why? Our top rated attorney in Greensboro finds these acts so very unusual. Why would shoot a bunch of random people only to later take your own life. Our wrongful death attorney in Greensboro is frustrated for the family of the woman who was wrongfully killed by this person.

A local hospital has reported that of the remaining 12 people who were shot, 4 are in critical condition and 5 are in non-critical condition. Our Greensboro family lawyer sends up her thoughts and prayers for the family who lost a loved one, and those who are in the hospital recovering. Stay safe Greensboro!