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Is It Worth It to Hire a Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyer When Charged with a Hit and Run?

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Is it worth it to hire a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer when charged with a hit and run? Of course!

Consulting a defense attorney when dealing with a hit and run can be extremely helpful for multiple reasons. Most importantly, lawyers can understand what kind of hit and run you were charged with, and the different defenses that may or may not be available to you.

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Because each case is different, it is recommended that you speak with an attorney so they can fully understand the facts of your specific case in order to help you to the best of their ability.

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An important thing to note when dealing with a hit and run is that fault is not an issue under the statute. this means that it does not matter who hit who, just that everyone stops. Additionally, the accident need not be on a public road or highway. Hit and runs can happen on private roads as well. Moreover, any property qualifies. this means that you could hit things other than another car and the statute will still apply. For example, you may hit a tree, fire hydrant, or even a domestic animal and you are required to stop. In some situations it is necessary for you to personally give assistance or medical aid as well.

There are specific exceptions that may help your case when it deals with a hit and run situation.

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For example, in some cases it may help if you can get harmful statements that you made about the accident suppressed. To understand more exceptions and rules about hit and runs, you should not hesitate to call a Greensboro criminal defense attorney today! The Greensboro criminal defense attorneys at Garret, Walker, Aycoth and Olsen know the requirements of the law. Call 336-379-0539 today; we are here to help!