Incarceration (Jail) in North Carolina (Part 1)

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Criminal defendants are sentenced to the Department of Corrections, and although some are unfortunately experienced with being taken into custody, many have never been in prison before. Part of the duty of the criminal defense attorney is to prepare their clients for what is to come. This is the counseling part of their duties. Prosecutors and judges should be aware of the process and demands incarceration place on an individual.

Approximately 38,000 inmates are housed in sixty-one North Carolina state prison facilities. Roughly 35,000 of the inmates are male, and the remaining 3000 are female.

The average cost of incarceration is currently $75.54 per day, or $27,572 a year. Combined with almost 97,000 probationers, and 7000 post release / parole offenders, the State is responsible for supervising over 140,000 offenders.

A list of prisons, including links to the individual facility’s address and phone number, is available at,002240.

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