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I-40 Shooting Update per Attorney in Greensboro

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Attorney in Greensboro

After a quick investigation, law enforcement has made two arrests in a shooting that is alleged to have occurred on I-40 in Greensboro. An attorney in Greensboro at our law firm has been advised that the shooting occurred around 3:15 PM. Police received reports of the aggravated assault and our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro was told that the woman told police she was shot at the time she called 911.

The allegation is that someone in a white car did the shooting. The woman was shot in the back according to local reports. A witness said there were 4 people in the Altima at the time of the shooting.

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The shooting took place near the mall according to a Greensboro attorney.

Our top rated personal injury lawyer in Greensboro was advised that a man inside the car had a bullet graze his head and his wife was shot. There was a child in the car, but fortunately the child was unharmed.

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Law enforcement claims that electronic monitoring is what provided them the information they felt they needed to track down the alleged suspects. But how accurate is that monitoring?

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We’re they shooting or were they in the area? Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro is attempting to get more information on this situation and will provide an update when more information becomes available.

Our top rated family lawyer in Greensboro is happy to report that no one was killed as a result of this incident.