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Hit and Run results in Wrongful Death per Lawyer

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Wrongful Death Lawyer

A car accident attorney in Greensboro is reporting, that a man is now facing murder charges after the Greensboro Police Department responded to a hit & run. Upon arrival they found a male victim dead just before 1 PM per a wrongful death lawyer in Greensboro NC. The 53 year old man had numerous personal injuries according to a personal injury lawyer in Greensboro NC, and he died at the scene.

A 50 year old man turned himself into police and has been charged with first degree murder. Police are saying that the two men actually knew one another. One of the issues, according to a wrongful death lawyer that has presented itself is the suspect is white and the victim is black. Police are informing us that this felony hit & run was not racially motivated. Our criminal lawyers in greensboro in NC are here for you and your family when you need us most, contact our law firm today.