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Hit and Run on Pisgah Church Rd in Greensboro

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Hit and Run Lawyer in Greensboro NC

In what has become more the norm in and around Greensboro, we’ve had yet another hit and run involving a pedestrian. Our hit and run lawyer in Greensboro NC was advised that a pedestrian was crossing the street near Normandy Rd when he was hit by a car. Our felony lawyer in Greensboro NC was advised that he was taken to a local hospital with serious personal injuries.

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Our top rated criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro is still awaiting further info with reference to the driver of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian. Police are remaining pretty quiet about what they’re planning to do with the driver of the car.

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Our bond motion attorney in Greensboro NC has been told that if they were to be arrested they would be facing a significant bond.

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The thoughts and prayers of all of our criminal lawyers go out for the person who was hit and their family during this difficult time. Stay safe Greensboro!