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High Speed Chase while on EHA= NEVER A GOOD IDEA

In Criminal by GWAO

A Trooper was at the NC Highway Patrol Office in Greensboro, which is a 35 MPH zone, when a man drove by going 81 MPH. This was the first of many moves by the Driver, where we scratch our heads and think to ourselves, I don’t know if I would’ve done that. The trooper turns on his blue lights and attempts to stop the car, but the Driver didn’t slow down, he sped up to speeds reaching 115 MPH. Another bad move. The trooper continued pursuit until the man ended up losing control of his vehicle and flipped it. Head continues to shake. After the wreck, the NC Highway Patrol went to get the man when they found that he had a 2 Year Old and a 4 Year old in the vehicle. Head still shaking. The man was also wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet during the chase…now that is the whole kit and caboodle right there. The Driver was charged with Child Endangerment, DWLR, and Felony Flee to Elude.

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