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Hazing Incident Almost Deadly per Law Attorney

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The rituals of transition between being a college student to becoming a member of a fraternity have been hectic and sometimes dangerous. Our Greensboro attorney received word of a hazing ritual that ended up killing a young man.

Fraternity members were called to drink all of they alcohol they were given.

Then kept bringing more bottles saying they drank too slow according to our lawyers in Greensboro NC. Text messages showed at least 10 pledges were blackout drunk and needed rides.

One of the pledges had to be taken to the hospital and he had a .451 alcohol level, which is close to six times the legal limit. The young man was immediately placed on life support. He’s still in critical condition according to our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro NC.

Our family law attorneys in Greensboro NC were told that the man is still alive after having his stomach pumped. Our law firm will continue to keep you updated on this story.