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Hanes Mall Assault Results in Personal Injury

In Criminal, Family, Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

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Who could forget the days of going to the mall with your friends? Our personal injury lawyer has been advised that two parents who were picking up their kids from Hanes Mall were recently assaulted.

It all started when the mother and her boyfriend dropped their 13 year old daughter off at the mall. A Greensboro attorney was told that they received a call from their daughter stating they were being followed in the mall. The mother said they showed back up at the mall in an attempt to diffuse the situation when they were attacked.

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She was hit in the side, she defended herself and then was attacked by 5 people at once per a Greensboro lawyer.

Someone stole her purse during the melee and the mother advises she still hasn’t gotten her wallet back.

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Our criminal attorney in Greensboro was told that there have been 5 incidents involving violent acts at Hanes Mall this year. 3 of them have been shootings. Four of the incidents are said to have included juveniles.

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Our family law lawyer in Greensboro hopes that Hanes Mall can return to its glory days of no crime and just shopping.