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Gun Violence Pandemic per Greensboro Lawyer

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Hearing things like we’re about to have a pandemic of gun violence should be an alarm for just about anyone listening. Especially, when it would appear we already have one according to a Greensboro lawyer.  H.O.P.E Dealers Outreach is bringing people together with the hope of curbing gun violence.

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Their organization brings together mothers, families, friends and community members who want to do something about putting an end the gun violence in our city.

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Our attorney in Greensboro advises that as of late it has been out of control. The key is the youth, finding ways to keep them from certain influences early so they can not think twice about moving in the direction of using firearms in terrible ways.

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Our Greensboro attorney will continue to keep you updated on this initiative and the steps they’re taking to help our city. Stay safe Greensboro!