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Gun Ordinance Update from Lawyer Near Me

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With all of the shootings in Guilford County, it’s of no surprise that that the county commissioners are looking at the current gun ordinance to see if changes need to be made. A lawyer near me was advised that this ordinance has not been looked at in 36 years.

A Greensboro attorney at our law firm was told that they are proposing the following:

  1. 150 foot distance minimum from structure or road
  2. Re-enforced beam or backstop for firing
  3. Shooting only between 8 AM & 9 PM
  4. A time limit of 3 hours to fire on private property per day

Shots fired called in Greensboro and Guilford County have doubled over the years. Our Greensboro lawyer was told that there was 502 calls in 2005 and 1049 in 2020. 1049 is a little less than 3 calls per day according to a lawyer in Greensboro.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer handles a lot of discharging a firearm in the city cases. If this ordinance changes, there could be an influx of discharging a firearm in the county cases. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro will continue to keep you updated on the latest information with reference to these changes.

Our Greensboro firearm lawyer is here for you and your family if you need any help with a firearm issue. Call our top rated attorney today!