Guilford County Criminal Defense Attorney Are Often Asked…

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Guilford County criminal defense attorneys are often asked, “why do you do this job?”  The truth is, like our Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson’s mission statement, “I am here to help!”  And that is enough.

Everyday, I find being a criminal defense attorney rewarding.

But today especially.

Ten years of representing a very fine individual. He never once hurt anyone, stole anything or sold illegal substances, all of which society tried to put him in a position where he had no other options but to do. He resisted the easy route. He only ran afoul of statutes designed to protect multibillion dollar corporations, and law enforcement time and time again refused to prosecute the true profiteers, only the young men who were trying to do an honest job of feeding their families. Here in the United States legally, our laws still prevented him from finding work.

Through all the trials and tribulations, he learned English, went to college, received a doctorate, and raised a wonderful family.

And on July 4th, he becomes a United States citizen.

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This is what America truly is, and this gentleman is truly the best of us.

I’d love for this to be a blog post about my perseverance and passion in protecting my client.

I’d love to tell you that the only reason there is a happy ending is because of my skill and dedication. But the truth is this individual client worked hard, and deserved it. Working together we made a difference.

This great country can be saved, one individual at a time.