Greensboro Trial Court for Veterans with Criminal Charges

In Greensboro Trial Court for Veterans with Criminal Charges by GWAO

A Greensboro Trial Court for Veterans with criminal charges has been considered.

The “powers that be,” i.e., the Guilford County District Court Judges Office and the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office have considered setting up a court specifically to handle Veteran issues.  Judges are always open to hear and respect the special needs of Vets, and the current District Attorney, Doug Henderson, should be recognized as always being available to go above and beyond for Guilford County Veterans.  They all deserve great respect, however, an even more focused approach, such as a specialty court, could help more.

Top rated Greensboro trial attorney Chad Garrett has advocated for such a court, and recognizes its need.  “Our Veterans have special needs, and should be treated by court personal with a clear understanding of those needs.  Compassion is often the key, not prosecution.”  Veterans deserve the most affordable, passionate, and best traffic lawyers and criminal attorneys available.  Garrett’s father is a Vietnam Vet, and he has worked tirelessly to defend and advocate for Veterans of every war and military branch going all the way back to when he was a prosecutor himself.

How can you help?  Garrett asks you to research and vote for those judicial candidates favoring such a court this November.  And if you or a family member is a Veteran with a need, call Garrett or his partners, at 336-379-0539.  They are here to help.