Greensboro Traffic Ticket Lawyers help with Speeding Tickets and Protecting your Driving Record – Greensboro, High Point & Asheboro – Guilford County & Randolph County

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Getting a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina can be a serious ordeal. This will not only affect your Driving Record, but could lead to an empty wallet with the expensive costs related to fines and court costs and increased insurance rates, if convicted. Our lawyers do everything they can to protect your Driving Record as well as your Insurance Rates.

Not to mention, heading to the courthouse alone for your court date can be extremely inconvenient. Taking off of work for the day in order to attend court for a Speeding Ticket is not exactly ideal. Plus keep in mind that there are a number of charges which could lead to your License being Revoked if convicted. Let our Greensboro, High Point and Asheboro attorneys should this burden for you. In a majority of Traffic Ticket situations you will never have to attend court…we will go for you.

It is important to note, that if you pay a fine for a Traffic Citation, you are ADMITTING YOU ARE GUILTY, and this can add points against your Driving Record as well as affect your Insurance Rates. Our Lawyers are Former Prosecutors and Former President’s of the Criminal Defense Bar, contact us to resolve your Speeding Tickets, Stop Sign Violations, Seat Belt Tickets, Driving with Registration or Insurance, Car Accidents, or Driving With a Revoked License/Driving without a License in Guilford County or Randolph County.