Greensboro Traffic: The Dangers of a PJC

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Why you don’t want a PJC

When looking at speeding tickets, everyone researches and comes to court wanting a PJC. The problem with that is that getting a PJC can seriously harm your driving record down the road.

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What a PJC is, is a “Prayer for Judgment Continued” this means that the judgment is continued. When it is continues another event down the road can trigger the speeding ticket to come back (say you got another speeding ticket). When this triggering event occurs you can end up facing the new charges and the judgment from your past ticket. This is where you could really lose your license and end up facing much more than you would if, instead of a PJC, you got a non-moving violation.

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Non-moving violations like “Improper Equipment” and “Failure to Notify the DMV of an Address Change” will not hurt your insurance, and will not hurt your ability to drive.

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You may have to pay a fine at the time of conviction, but it will be worth it in the long run!