Greensboro Top Rated Traffic Attorney Discusses Traffic Court Cost

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Court costs are high, there is no doubt about that. I will refrain from my soapbox, but the number of traffic citations issued is actually down, and one of the suspected causes is law enforcement beliefs that the economic impact of a ticket is over-burdensome to our State’s citizens. The fact that such a theory is prevalent, and has even been discussed among the rank and file in the back hallways of courthouses during the election cycle of local sheriffs, is enough to make us reflect on the burdens we are imposing. However, as our State attempts to increase revenue in any way possible, with the exception of the politically unpopular idea of actually raising taxes, it seems the trend will continue.

A speeding ticket, reduced to an improper equipment, will cost $188 in court costs. $50 will be added for the simple reason that the legislature believes you should be taxed for not receiving insurance points (make either the State or the insurance company rich, your choice). If you can’t pay the day of court, then $20 is added to the costs. All of this before the Assistant District Attorney or Judge adds a fine, usually $25-$50 dollars or more.

So a bit less than $300, on average, for a standard speeding ticket, an offense that very few people could honestly claim to have never committed, even unintentionally. Can your child’s elementary school teacher afford a $300 hit to their monthly household budget?

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