Greensboro Speeding Ticket Scheme – Judge Loses Job

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Greensboro Attorney

A District Court Judge has lost her job as a result of fixing Traffic Tickets on behalf of her ‘significant other.’ She also recently has lost her bar license and will not be able to be a Lawyer for 6 months. The Office of Greensboro Attorney Ethics had recommended a 2-to-3 Year Suspension, but after comparing Lawyer Suspension cases from the past, the Ethics Board settled on 6 Months. The Judge’s conduct was both Improper and Repetitive – on Speeding Tickets the Judge had marked ‘Emergency’ on over 9 Traffic Tickets in a 6 Month Period, Dismissing those cases according to a personal injury attorney. The Attorney Ethics Board was swayed by her unblemished record, otherwise good character and reputation in the community, and civic efforts in the community per a personal injury lawyer.