Greensboro Speeding in A School Zone – Ticket on Day School Closed

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When New Orleans was practically shutdown due to freezing rain, and schools were closed, a man received a Speeding in a School Zone Ticket. A Captain in the Fire Department was driving across town to help a friend with Supplies for the Storm when he came to the School Zone. The Lights were flashing, but he thought to himself that with schools being closed there’s no way that he could be ticketed for Speeding in a School Zone. He drove 7 MPH under the Speed Limit and still received a Speeding in a School Zone Ticket.

The School Zone is only active if Schools are active. Therefore, he should not have received a Speeding in a School Zone Ticket on a day Schools were closed. The City claims it didn’t issue School Zone Citations on the days schools were closed, but the Captain showed that he definitely received one.

It turns out that these camera operated Traffic Tickets are issued out of Arizona. Any challenge to Camera Issued Traffic Ticket are to be challenged through Arizona. The Fire Captain has contacted the Company to challenge the Speeding in a School Zone Ticket.

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