Greensboro Murder Suspect, Recently had Shooting Charges Dismissed

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The Greensboro Police Department have arrested a man in connection with the Shooting on Hewitt St. that left two men dead and two hospitalized. The Arbors Townhomes Community is still recovering after a holiday turned riot. The Greensboro Police Department asserts that that this Greensboro Murder is gang-related.

The same man was charged in a shooting last year and had his charges later dismissed. Apparently, he and another fellow gang member were charged in a Drive-By Shooting in Greensboro on October 29. The fellow gang-member was wearing a Greensboro Police Department Ankle-Monitor which put him at the scene during the shooting. However, conflicting witness statements, descriptions of the vehicle, and uncooperative witnesses led to those charges being dismissed.

With two men murdered, and two men having survived, it appears the state now has two eyewitnesses who could testify and make a case for murder.

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