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Ambitious business ventures are attempted every day on high school and college campuses in North Carolina and across the United States.

As time goes by in States, such as North Carolina, where Marijuana is illegal, there continue to be attempts to infiltrate our school systems with Marijuana sales.

Two former college students of a prestigious university had the ambition to control the Marijuana trade at local area high schools. They enlisted the help of local high school students to serve as Drug Dealers at their respective schools, and pushed them to Sell and Deliver at least 1 Pound of Marijuana per week.

During an investigation into this Marijuana distribution ring, police seized Marijuana, Cocaine, Ectasy and several weapons including a loaded Assault Rifle. On Monday, Prosecutors announced the arrest of eight people on charges of Sell and Delivering Marijuana at Five Public High Schools and Private Schools, and also Selling Marijuana at three Colleges.

The leaders of this Marijuana Distribution Ring were both former lacrosse players, one was a graduate and the other had dropped out due to being penalized for Marijuana use. Prosecutors state that the Marijuana they used was shipped in bulk from a supplier in California. The men were said to have told the Marijuana Sellers that it was vital that they have a constant supply of Marijuana or Weed at each school because when they were in school they remember that it was not always to buy Marijuana when they needed it.

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The affected schools are now reviewing their drug policies to determine if there’s a way to prevent this from happening again. Most of the institutions current policies appear to help those with Marijuana or Drug Related Issues, however suspension and expulsion are remedies only if involved in Marijuana Distribution.

With regard to Marijuana and Drug Use, a spokesman for one of the schools involved, said quite plainly that it’s impossible to prevent students from making poor choices.

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